Some of us never know when we are going to leave our loved ones and some of us receive news from our doctor giving us an exact timetable. The thing is – how do you live each day knowing it may be your last?

That is a billion dollar question. Because everyone has their own idea of what living is. Some people make bucket lists, others focus on spending the time they have with family and friends, and others seem to just stop and turn inward. And you know what? Each way is the right way for that person. What we must say is that facing death is courageous and requires a lot strength from you and your loved ones. It is why living each day with all you have is so important.

Instead of counting the days you have left – make the days count. Bruce Kramer, author of We Know How This Ends: Living While Dying, said, “…[E]mbrace this, and really live out the final days of your life with the gifts that are there, rather than thinking you’re going to fight it. Let death open up your life for you.” Yes, things will get rough, you will have great days and horrible days, but you will get through them.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy. Do things that you fear. Spend time with people who you love and make you feel loved. But whatever you do, do not wallow, do not fear, do not put your life on hold. Yes, you will feel these overwhelming emotions, but you will also find out how brave and tenacious you really are.

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