Common Myths Of Hospice Care

Common Myths Of Hospice Care

There are so many myths about hospice care! A short Google search brings up many, such as “Hospice means you have given up and lost control;” or “Hospice care will hasten your death”  One of my favorite articles refuting these and other myths was published a few years ago in Forbes and can be read here.  Writer John Edward talks about five of the most common misconceptions:

Myth 1 – we place a time limit of six months on your stay and hasten your death

Myth 2 – we can only care for you in Hospice House

Myth 3 – we make you give up your medications and your own doctor

Myth 4 – we will heavily sedate you to keep you out of pain, and

Myth 5 – once you are enrolled in hospice care, there’s no turning back!