7 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing A Hospice Provider

7 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing A Hospice Provider

Choosing a hospice provider is an unfamiliar experience for most people. You or your loved one may still be reeling from the decision to move from seeking a cure to deciding instead on comfort, symptom management and quality of life.

Not all hospices are alike, so it’s important that you (or someone in your family) do some homework. When you’re looking at a particular hospice provider, ask yourself the following questions:

Is the hospice for-profit or not-for-profit?

All for-profit and not-for-profit hospices are required by Medicare to provide the same core services.

How experienced is the hospice?

 This includes having more physicians certified in palliative care — the relief of mental and physical pain in people with serious and life-threatening illnesses — than any other hospice in Gold Canyon.

What is the hospice’s mission statement, and does it resonate with what you want for yourself and your loved ones?

It’s all about providing compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care in an atmosphere of sensitivity and respect.

Does the hospice offer Inpatient Care Centers?

Most of the care we provide (more than 90 percent) takes place at home or in a nursing home. But, sometimes, inpatient care is needed. When a patient has uncontrolled symptoms that cannot be handled in another setting, we provide short-term care in one of our four beautifully appointed and home In-Care Centers. When stable, patients usually transfer to where they live.

Does the hospice offer comprehensive grief support?

Our grief services include individualized and family counseling, support groups, supportive and educational events, and a comprehensive library of educational materials.

What amenities does the hospice provide to improve the lives of patients and families?

  • Comprehensive holistic therapies by trained practitioners, including music, pet, massage and art therapy.
  • Help in finding support for pets, both during and beyond the illness.
  • An extensive network of volunteers

Is the hospice community-based?

“The hospice you choose does make a difference,” Lobert concludes. “More doctors and families in our region choose Integrity Hospice because they understand the difference we make in the lives of our patients and their families.”

If you have any questions call Integrity Hospice – Phone:480-426-0255. Integrity Hospice is here for families and the community.