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Palliative care is sometimes referred to as “comfort care.” At its heart, it is a specialized approach to reduce and/or relieve pain to enhance the quality of life in a patient. It completely focuses on the relief and reduction of pain in people with serious, life-threatening, and life-limiting illnesses. Palliative care is more than just medicine. It is physical and occupational therapies, integrative therapies (e.g. massage), and nutritional guidance and assistance.

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Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities, is the highest level of assisted care. They are also completely different from the nursing homes that your grandparents remember. Today’s skilled nursing facilities are lovely residences, with private rooms, restaurant-style dining, fun social activities, and a pleasant environment. All with the advantage of having highly experienced medical staff a button push or call away. These skilled nursing facilities are for seniors requiring around-the-clock medical monitoring and assistance.